About Us

“Valerica   Global   mission   is   to supply the   woodworking   industry   with   the highest     quality     finishing    materials available,    backed    by     on  –  demand technical assistance”

Valerica Global is a company established to work within the wood finishing industry as a supplier of materials and systems required in the finishing process.

Valerica Global is specialized in the distribution and application of Italian paints and paints-related products.

American manufacturers have long recognized the quality and beauty of Italian finishes, and they have been showing an increased interest to access not only Italian finishing materials and equipment, but also the knowledge and know-how which has long been the domain of the Italian companies.

Valerica Global has assembled a team of knowledgeable and experienced people dedicated to giving service and support to the wood finishing industry.

Each person has had decades of experience in the use and distribution of finishing products, giving them the unique ability to solution all problems encountered in the spray booth.