Oblivion iv, elder scrolls fighters guild questline

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Bloody heck! What am i? A scope? A messenger? Is this not “competitors” guild, are we not meant to fight with someone? Or a minimum of with each other if we can not discover any individual to fight? However no, we have to go check why some bonehead called Maglir have not finished his agreement and also reported back in. We have to go check if the boy of head of the fighters guild is alright. Great, as well as currently we are babysitting. I can not recall their name. Well they seem to have obtaining the advantage in task searching. So, finally we obtained some fight. Aside from the fact that our hampered “pal” that got his arse conserved by us, god knows how many times, got in Blackwood Business instead of boxer’s guild. When we do, the retards expose their most priceless trick in the very first mission they provide to us. Then return to the town. No, this was definitely not a desire concerning us signing up with the Black wood company rather and also doing some actual work. When we are back, we become the master.

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