Oblivion iv, elder scrolls, mages guild quest line

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However finishes such unsatisfactory. First of all, you are sent to some hill shrine in order to return a publication with intense value. After you sign up with the mages guild. I do not recognize why it always needs to be errand missions. Why it is the mages that should mess with bloodsuckers of a location? We bring wicked wizards to justice, and also make the magical policies apply in all of tamriel, we ought to not be tinkering other people’s tasks. Whatever, we sooner or later begin dealing with Necromancy individuals. And also its use took into consideration a criminal offense. Both its usage as well as its practise actually. What sort of foolish mind stopping is this. Then we capture indications of necromancy being applied around. We are at last, just after to obtain all the references from all the mages guilds around Tamriel, found to be deserving of entering the Arcane College. We collect rings from damn wells, we eliminate a mages guild head from the guild, we find a lost pendant for one more one. We discover absolutely nothing. I really did not even obtain where do they offer or take lessons. Nevertheless, it is since you start getting rankings in the guild. You obtain couple of rankings, like adept, magician as well as such. You are gifted in some items, robes, staves and so on. When the important things is close to finish. We start hearing about some man called Mannimarco. As a result the questline ends right here.

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